1. Can the 600 watt wind turbine (land and marine) connect to the power grid?
  2. What batteries should be used with the 600 watt wind turbine (land and marine) and how many?
  3. What are the three wires coming out of the turbine?
  4. How should the 3 wires from the turbine be connected to the MPPT?
  5. Do I need a separate charge controller for this turbine?
  6. At what height should the turbine be mounted?
  7. When would I need to purchase a marine version of the 600 watt wind turbine?
  8. What are the load terminals on the MPPT for?
  9. Is it important to connect my mechanical stop switch?
  10. In what position does the on/off switch need to be to operate the turbine?
  11. At what voltage does the turbine work with?