1. Is the solar panel weather proof?
  2. How long does it take to charge a 12V battery?
  3. What is the power output for the solar panel?
  4. Can I make the solar panels 24V or 36 V by connecting them in series?
  5. Which Solar Panel should I buy to maintain my 4 batteries over the winter?
  6. How do I mount and connect my solar panels?
  7. Can I connect solar panels that have different power rates i.e.: different wattages?
  8. What is the solar panel made of?
  9. Could you also connect an alternate battery charger and keep system connected?
  10. Can I overcharge my batteries with this solar panel?
  11. What is the gauge of the wiring that comes with my solar panel?
  12. What are Polycrystalline Solar cells?