Solar Panel Voltage

How-To Videos | January 12, 2017

Using a multimeter to read your solar panel’s voltage. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more videos!

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Single Head Solar Motion Lights: Installation and demonstration

How-To Videos | December 30, 2016

Learn all you need to know on how to install our single head solar motion lights. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more videos!

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Testing the Output Voltage of your Solar Panel

Tips & Articles | January 5, 2017

How do I know it is working? A lot of neophyte solar enthusiasts wonder how they can verify if their solar panel is working. While checking if your 12V battery can run devices or vehicles is a pretty good sign that everything is well, this doesn’t always tell you how the panel is doing. The […]

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Reset Procedure and Troubleshooting For Solar Motion Lights

Tips & Articles | November 22, 2016

If you are experiencing issues with your solar motion light, please try the reset procedures below before contacting our customer support department. ————————————————- RESET PROCEDURE A applies to motion light models with 2 Sliding Control Switches under the motion sensor: [80 LED, 100 LED, 120 LED, 150 LED] Steps 1. Turn the main switch to […]

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