100 LED Solar Motion Light with Corner Mounting Feature

Using the power of the sun, light any dark area and add extra security with the Sunforce 100 LED Twin Head Solar Motion Light. The newly designed light mounts easily to both flat and corner surfaces. This light automatically turns on when motion is detected and comes equipped with 100 super-bright white LEDs, ensuring reliable lighting power for whenever, wherever you need it.


  • Mounts easily to both flat and corner surfaces
  • Adjustable lamp heads for optimal lighting coverage
  • Ideal for all locations: entryways, garages, pathways, sheds, and remote areas
  • Amorphous solar panel charges in all daylight conditions, does not need direct sunlight
  • Charges during the day and works at night
  • 2 adjustable settings: detection distance and light duration
  • Fully weather resistant and can be mounted almost anywhere
  • No main power or wiring required
  • Maintenance-free


  • 100 LED twin head motion light (50 LEDs per lamp head)
  • Solar panel with 15 ft. (4.5m) of wire
  • 3 x AA rechargeable batteries
  • Mounting hardware

Technical Information

  • LED Technology: SMD (Surface-Mount-Device)
  • Lumen Output:1,000
  • Detection Distance:30ft. (9.1m)
  • Detection Range:180 degrees
  • Solar Panel Technology: Amorphous


Mount your solar panel in a position that will enable the most amount of light to be absorbed. In the Northern Hemisphere this is usually south facing.

The solar panel can charge the internal batteries in direct and indirect light. For best results, try to optimize your solar panel’s sun exposure.

Yes, the solar panel can be tilted and fully rotated. You may need to exert a bit of force in order to pivot the panel for the first time.

At this point there are no extensions available for the cable that connects the light to the solar panel. Any additions to the cable will void the warranty.

A rapidly flashing light is caused by undercharged batteries. Turn the solar motion light to the “OFF” position and charge for two full sunny days to bring the batteries to full charge. After two days, return the switch to the “Auto” position.

Yes, the sensor of the solar motion light is light sensitive. For nighttime usage, ensure no other light activates the motion sensor.

Your solar motion light requires the use of 3 AA Ni-MH rechargeable batteries.

Yes, this solar motion light comes with a 1-year limited warranty.