2000 Lumens – Solar Motion Activated Security Light

Powered by sunlight, the new Sunforce solar motion activated security light is the perfect solution to illuminate and add an extra layer of security to any area of the home. The new dual brightness feature allows you to adjust the light’s output from 1000 lumens to a powerful 2000 lumens. Each adjustable lamp head is designed with a frosted lens, offering an even and modern illumination effect. Practical, reliable and easy to install, this motion light is the ideal energy saving power solution for any location and an industry leader in home security.


  • Ideal for all locations: entryways, garages, pathways, sheds, remote areas and more!
  • New dual brightness feature: maximum brightness at 2000 lumens and minimum brightness at 1000 lumens
  • Adjustable lamp heads for maximum lighting coverage
  • Amorphous solar panel charges the included batteries in all daylight conditions
  • Adjustable detection distance and light duration settings
  • Easy to install and maintenance-free, no additional wiring required
  • Fully weather-resistant (IP44)


  • Sunforce LED Solar Motion Activated Light
  • Solar Panel with 14.7 ft. (4.5m) of wire
  • 2 x Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries (3.7 V, 1800 mAh)
  • Mounting hardware

Technical Information

  • LED Technology: SMD (Surface-Mount-Device)
  • Lumen output:2000 lumens (High); 1000 lumens (Low)
  • Detection Distance:30 ft. (9.1m)
  • Detection Range:180 degrees
  • Solar Panel Technology: Amorphous


Mount your solar panel in a position that will enable the most amount of light to be absorbed (refer to Step 1 on page 2). In the Northern Hemisphere this is usually south facing.

The solar panel can charge the internal batteries in direct and indirect light. For best results, try to optimize your solar panel’s sun exposure.

At this point there are no extensions available for the cable that connects the light to the solar panel.

A rapidly flashing light is caused by undercharged batteries. Turn the solar motion light to the “OFF” position and charge for two full sunny days to bring the batteries to full charge.

Yes, the sensor of the solar motion light is light-sensitive. For nighttime usage, ensure no other light interferes with the motion sensor.

For optimal performance, your solar motion light requires the use of two rechargeable 3.7V lithium-ion batteries.

No, this solar motion light is only activated by motion, there is no dusk to dawn feature.