8-in-1 Solar Panel Hub

The Sunforce 8-in-1 Solar Panel Hub allows you to connect up to 8 solar panels for even more power output. Create your own DIY solar system-compatible with both 12-Volt and 24-Volt systems.


  • Used to combine the power output of multiple solar panels (up to a maximum of 8 panels)
  • Solar panels and kits are combined in parallel connection to maintain system voltage
  • Works with Amorphous or Crystalline solar panels
  • Universal connectors are used in both the input and output ports for easy connection
  • Includes
  • 4 trailer plug to stripped wires

Technical Information

  • Handles up to 30 Amps, 450 Watts of solar power
  • For 12V systems only


Yes, the 8-in-1 hub only connects solar panels it does not regulate the charge.

Yes, it is a good idea to connect solar panels of the same wattage, and always the same voltage.

Yes, your 8-in-1 hub is fully weatherproofed.

Yes, this 8-in-1 hub comes with a 1-year limited warranty.